Bionano Technology

Bionano’s non-sequencing-based genome mapping technology images and analyzes extremely long, high-molecular-weight DNA to provide views of your research genomes that no other technology can provide.

Platform Technology

Platform Technology

Bionano offers sample preparation, DNA imaging and genomic data analysis technologies combined into one streamlined workflow that enables you to identify structural variants and create de novo genome assemblies like never before.

Structural Variation

Structural Variation

Automatically detect and analyze large structural variants with Bionano’s unmatched structural variation calling performance.

Hybrid Scaffolding

Genome Assembly

Scaffold sequencing data with Bionano genome maps to assemble genomes with the greatest contiguity in correct order and orientation.

Bionano Genomics Saphyr DLS

DLS Technology

With chromosome arm length maps, Bionano Direct Label and Stain technology delivers enhanced SV detection and higher-quality assemblies at a low cost.