Installing IrysView

IrysView supports Windows OS 64-bit systems only. To successfully run IrysView, your computer must have the following programs installed. For more information on how to install and use the genomics analysis software, click here.

Sun Grid Engine

Please contact support for help.

Auto Detect Application

Auto Detect Application v2.1.4April 18, 20165.7 MBDownload

Only install this program if you plan to import and analyze datasets. ‘Allow Access’ when prompted.

Label Density Calculator

Label Density Calculator v1.3.0November 8, 20162 KBDownload

The Label Density Calculator predicts the expected label density from sequence FASTA files.

Because the DLE-1 recognition motif is palindromic, the calculated motif/nicking density is twice the actual value, though the predicted label density is reflected properly.