Installation Instructions

For complete installation instructions, please follow the appropriate Software Installation Guide below.

Bionano Tools

Bionano Tools v1.5.3May 9, 20202.4 GBDownload

Please refer to the Bionano Tools Installation Guide (30182) for instructions and Bionano Tools Release Notes (30315) for more information.

Bionano Solve

Bionano Solve v3.5.1February 6, 20202.5 GBDownload

Before installing the latest version please review the Bionano Solve™ Software Installation Guide (30172) for system prerequisites and detailed instructions. Please see Bionano Solve Release Notes (30323) for further information.

Bionano Access

Bionano Access for Windows v1.5.2March 24, 2020250 MBDownload
Bionano Access for Linux/Mac v1.5.2March 24, 2020250 MBDownload

Bionano Access web server installation.  Please refer to the Bionano Access Installation Guide (30170) for instructions and Bionano Access Release Notes (30314) for further information.

Label Density Calculator

Label Density Calculator v1.0.0October 30, 201939 MBDownload

The Label Density Calculator predicts the expected label density from sequence FASTA files. This standalone PC version is useful when you do not yet have a version of Bionano Access installed as it will allow you to determine the ideal enzyme to use when labeling your sample.

Refer to document 30318 for the Bionano Label Density Calculator User Guide which has information on using the application. Document 30317 contains the Release Notes for this particular application.


IrysView v2.5.1July 18, 201625 MBDownload

Before installing the latest version please review the IrysView® Software Installation Guide for system prerequisites and detailed instructions.

Windows Refaligner and Assembler

Windows Refaligner v5122July 18, 20161.5 MBDownload
Windows Assembler v5122July 18, 20161.2MBDownload

Make sure to uninstall the current versions from Control Panel →Program and Features →Setup →RefAligner and WindowsAssembler. Accept the default installation path.

IrysSolve for Existing Hardware


The alignment and assembly of medium to large genomes (> 200 Mbp) is recommended to be launched on an external Linux server. IrysView will launch assembly jobs externally when this option is chosen.

IrysSolve RefAligner and Assembler

Make sure to install files on the server at some parent ~ directory, e.g. home/username, or /home/users/username. Create ~/tools directory on server and extract files from file by OS version and CPU Accelerator type.

Determine Accelerator Type

AVXLinux4.7 MBDownload
SSELinux4.7 MBDownload
Xeon PhiLinux4.7 MBDownload

Use the command grep avx /proc/cpuinfo or grep sse2 /proc/cpuinfo and look for the word ‘avx’ or ‘sse2’. If both types exist, use AVX since it is faster than SSE2. Place the two extracted binaries in ~/tools directory and enable executable privilege on each of the two binaries. Create an empty ~/data directory.