SP Bone Marrow Aspirate DNA Isolation Kit

Catalog Number: 90057

Bionano Prep SP BMA DNA Isolation Protocol can provide ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) gDNA from white blood cells in heparin BMA samples in as little as 4 hours. BMA samples are pre-processed by filtering through a 100 μm filter (supplied with the kit) to remove any bone fragments and insoluble/non-cellular particulates. The kit utilizes a lyse, bind, wash, and elute procedure with a novel paramagnetic Nanobind disk which binds and releases gDNA with significantly less fragmentation, resulting in UHMW gDNA.

With this protocol, up to eight BMA samples can be processed in a day* with typical yields from 1.5 million cells as high as 7 μg.  While fresh BMA samples can be processed with this kit, we have observed higher molecule N50s (> 400 kbp) when samples are frozen with DNA stabilizer and processed after a single freeze-thaw cycle.

*Processing time may vary depending upon the number of times filtered samples need to be diluted in order to be counted accurately. Once 1.5 million cells are obtained, the total processing time is less than 4 hours.

20373RNase A Enzyme200 μl4°CDownload
20397DNA Stabilizer20 μlRoom tempDownload
20374Cell Buffer50 mlRoom tempDownload
20372Proteinase K Enzyme0.5 mlRoom tempDownload
20375Lysis and Binding Buffer2.5 mlRoom tempDownload
20376Wash Buffer 1 Concentrate3.25 mlRoom tempDownload
20377Wash Buffer 2 Concentrate5 mlRoom tempDownload
20378Elution Buffer1.1 mlRoom tempDownload
20379Nanobind Disks10 disksRoom temp
20380Protein LoBind Tubes20 tubesRoom temp
20396Standard Microfuge Tubes10 tubesRoom temp
20381Disk Retreiver Sheath10 eachRoom temp
20398DNA Stabilizer4 mlRoom temp
20396Standard Microfuge2 x 10 tubesRoom temp
20401BMA Filters, 100 μm20 filtersRoom temp
Kit Contents (SP BMA)
Part NumberComponentVolumeStorageMSDS


Bionano Prep SP BMA DNA Isolation Protocol - 30298, Rev B543 KB

For use with SP Bone Marrow Aspirate DNA Isolation Kit (Catalog Number 90057)

Bionano Prep SP BMA DNA Isolation Protocol v2 - 30399, Rev A541 KB

For use with SP Bone Marrow Aspirate DNA Isolation Kit v2

Demonstration of HemoCue WBC Counter for Bionano DNA Isolation

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