Saphyr System

IN-012-01 + CR-002-01

The Saphyr System is based on Bionano’s next-generation mapping (NGM), which is the combination of proprietary NanoChannel arrays with optical genome mapping to image extremely long, high-molecular-weight DNA in its native state on the Saphyr Chip. The instrument, chip, and compute solution allows for unparalleled structural variation sensitivity, genome assembly contiguity up to 100 times that of short-read sequencing alone and the accuracy to correct sequencing-based assembly errors.

Bionano Sapyhr Genome Mapping
Instrument1 each
Monitor1 each
Keyboard1 each
Mouse1 each
PC1 each
Accessory Kit1 each
Saphyr Compute Server (required)1 each
* Bionano Compute Server* CR-002-01 to be ordered separately
System Contents


The following factors can influence molecule stretch variation: IrysChip channel width variation, salt concentration, sample evaporation during runs, and deviation from the standard DNA stain to DNA ratio.


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