Saphyr System

Catalog Number: 90023

The Saphyr System automates optical genome mapping of ultra-high molecular weight DNA in its native state in proprietary NanoChannel arrays on the Saphyr Chip. The system is comprised of the Saphyr instrument, Saphyr chips, and compute solutions, which together allow for unparalleled structural variation sensitivity, genome assembly contiguity hundreds of times that of short-read sequencing alone, and the accuracy to correct sequencing-based assembly errors.

The current (Gen 2) Saphyr System (P/N 60325) allows for two G2 Saphyr Chips to be loaded on the instrument simultaneously. The older (Gen 1) Saphyr System (P/N 60239) runs a single chip at a time, but can be configured to run two chips with a hardware update.

Instrument1 each
Monitor1 each
Keyboard1 each
Mouse1 each
PC1 each
Accessory Kit1 each
Bionano Access Server (required)1 each
* Saphyr Compute (80013) or Bionano Compute Server (80014)to be ordered separately
System Contents

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