Nick Label Repair and Stain (NLRS)

Catalog Number: 80001

1st generation, 5 hour labeling process for 10 samples, using site-specific nickases.

Bionano Prep™ DNA Labeling Kit reagents are used specifically for applications on Bionano systems. Fluorescent nucleotides are incorporated into specific sequence motifs on high-molecular-weight DNA, purified using the appropriate Bionano DNA Isolation Kit. The protocol specifically Nicks, Labels, Repairs and Stains (NLRS) the double stranded genomic DNA at sequence-specific sites, resulting in a uniquely identifiable genome-specific label patterns that enable de novo map assembly, anchoring of sequence contigs and discovery of large structural variation (> 1000 bp with NLRS).

201614x Flow Buffer188 uL4°CDownload
20164Stop Solution13 uL4°CDownload
20165Ultra Pure Water220 uL4°CDownload
2016810x Labeling Buffer19 uL4°CDownload
201665x DTT150 uL-20°CDownload
2016710x Labeling Mix19 uL-20°CDownload
2025050x Repair Mix5 uL-20°CDownload
2025110x Buffer 313 uL-20°CDownload
2025810x Buffer 213 uL-20°CDownload
20162DNA Stain75 uL-20°CDownload
Part NumberComponentVolumeStorageMSDS

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