DNA Labeling Kit-DLS

Bionano Prep™ DNA Labeling Kit reagents are used specifically for applications on Saphyr systems. Specific sequence motifs are labeled directly with fluorophores in a single enzymatic reaction on high-molecular-weight DNA purified using the appropriate Bionano DNA Isolation Kit. Direct Label and Stain (DLS) results in uniquely identifiable genome-specific label patterns on the double stranded genomic DNA that enable de novo map assembly, anchoring of sequence contigs, and discovery of structural variation (> 500 bp).

Bionano Genomics Saphyr DLS
2035120x DLE-118 ul-20°CDownload
2035220x DL-Green18 ul-20°CDownload
203541M DTT75 ul-20°CDownload
20356DNA Stain65 ul-20°CDownload
203505x DLE-1 Buffer200 ul-20°CDownload
203534x Flow Buffer190 ul4°CDownload
20355Ultrapure Water (Nuclease Free)900 ulRoom tempDownload
20357DLS 24 Well Plate1 plateRoom temp
20358DLS Membranes (13 mm)25Room temp
20361DLS Plate Sealing Strips10Room temp
20362DLS Amber Tubes, Round Bottom12Room temp
Part NumberComponentVolumeStorageMSDS
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Number of Preps: 10
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