Bionano Compute On Demand

Bionano Compute On Demand is a pay-per-use solution accessible through Bionano Access web server for your Bionano Solve operations. Compute On Demand simplifies the way you perform genome assembly, hybrid scaffolding, and structural variant analysis, without the need for any additional infrastructure, giving you the flexibility and scalability your experiment deserves.

Advantages include:

  • Analyze large genomes and high number of samples simultaneously
  • Perform pipeline analysis operations without worrying about server capacity
  • Data encrypted for secure operations
  • Data centers compliant with IPAA, CSA, SOC2, ITAR regulations
  • Genomic data accessible only to end-users and deleted post-processing

Bionano Compute on Demand requires Bionano Access 1.4.2 which is available on our Software Downloads page.

Bionano Genomics Compute on Demand
Catalog Number:
90047 Bionano Compute On Demand, US
90052 Bionano Compute On Demand, Germany
90060 Bionano Compute On Demand, Europe
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