Bionano Chips

Catalog Number:
20366 Saphyr Chip G2.3
20367 Saphyr Chip G2.2
20319 Saphyr Chip G1.2
20249 Irys Chip

The Saphyr Chips™ (G2.3 and G2.2) contain three and two flowcells each, respectively. Each flowcell is independent of the others and can be loaded with a distinct sample. Combined with the Gen 2 chip clip, these chips are used with the 60325-version Saphyr System (Gen 2) to directly image linearized DNA molecules.  These chips can collect a maximum throughput of 5 terabase pairs per flowcell. The G2 chips are compatible with 60239-version Saphyr systems (Gen 1) but a hardware upgrade is required.

The Saphyr Chip™ (G1.2) contains two flowcells. Combined with the Gen 1 chip clip, this chip is used with the 60239-version Saphyr System (Gen 1) to directly image linearized DNA molecules. These chips can collect a maximum throughput of 1,300 gigabase pairs per flowcell.

The Irys Chip® is used with our older Irys Instrument to directly image linearized DNA molecules. Each Irys chip contains two independent flowcells, each of which can collect about 25-50 gigabase pairs of throughput. The Irys system has been superseded by the Saphyr system.

20366Saphyr Chip G2.3315,000 Gbp4°C
20367Saphyr Chip G2.2210,000 Gbp4°C
80034Saphyr Chip Clip for G2 chips
20319Saphyr Chip G1.222600 Gbp4°C
60309Saphyr Chip Clip for G1 chips
20249Irys Chip250-100 Gbp-20°C
Part NumberComponentFlowcellThroughputStorage

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