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De novo assembly, scaffolding, and structural variation analysis of Drosophila.

November, 2012
American Society of Human Genetics, San Francisco, CA

Fabrication of 10nm Enclosed Nanofluidic Channels.

Applied Physics Letters (2002); 81:174 
Cao, H., et al.
in the media

“DNA: stretch for the camera”

Nature Methods
August, 2012
in the media

“Channeling DNA for optical mapping”

Nature Biotechnology
August, 2012
in the media

“Genome Mapping on Nanochannel Arrays”

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
July, 2012
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“BioNano Genomics”

Research at Princeton
December, 2011

Single-molecule denaturation mapping of DNA in nanofluidic channels.

PNAS (2010); 107(30) 13294-13299 
Reisner, W., et al.
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“50 Companies to Watch”

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
June, 2010


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