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ASHG 2019 Series – Dr. Alka Chaubey

High resolution view of D4Z4 repeat regions for studying FSHD using Bionano whole genome optical mapping

ASHG 2019 Series –
Dr. Frances High

Advanced analysis of risk loci in congenital disorders using Bionano optical genome mapping

ASHG 2019 Series – Dr. Mark T. W. Ebbert

Resolving complex genomic haplotypes in neurodegenerative disorders using Bionano Genomics Saphyr System

ASHG 2019 Series – Dr. Sven Bocklandt

Dr. Sven Bocklandt details the Saphyr Genome Imaging System's SV detection capabilities in Cancer

An Improved Genome Assembly of the European Aspen Populus tremula

bioRxiv 2019
Schiffthaler B et al

Optical Mapping and Lessons from Vertebrate Genomes Project

The Rockefeller University
Dr. Erich Jarvis


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