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Genetic Diseases

The Bionano Saphyr® System detects structural variations in an unbiased manner at much higher sensitivities than sequencing-based technologies, and routinely at 5% variant allele fraction. Discover the...

Unraveling complex structural rearrangements induced by replication stress in liver cancer

“Bionano’s optical mapping technology allowed us to characterize complex structural rearrangements in cancer with unprecedented precision. The results are incredibly robust and easy to interpret...

AGBT 2020 Series – Dr. Marcin Imielinski

Unraveling complex structural variant patterns in cancer using optical mapping and linked-reads

AGBT 2020 Series – Dr. Olivier Fedrigo

Towards high quality reference assemblies for all vertebrate genomes

AGBT 2020 Series – Dr. Alex Hastie

Bionano data solutions to power your next discovery

AGBT 2020 Series – Dr. Brandon Labarge

Identifying structure of human papillomavirus genomes in head and neck cancers

PAG 2020 Series – Chad Collier

Bionano optical mapping, in combination with other sequencing-based technologies, to deliver accurate chromosome length genome assemblies.


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