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SP Prep Tissue and Tumor DNA Isolation: Homogenization and Filtration

Demonstration of the homogenization and filtration steps of the Bionano SP Prep Tissue and Tumor DNA Isolation Protocol

Deciphering genomic inversion events using optical mapping

February, 2020
AGBT 2020, Marco Island, Florida


Detecting broken, missing, rearranged, or extra chromosomes can diagnose disease and define treatment options, but traditional cytogenetic methods have limited resolution and speed. Optical genome...

EnFocus™ FSHD analysis

Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) is typically caused by a contraction of the D4Z4 repeat array on chromosome 4 (chr 4). Measuring the length of the...

Genome Assembly

Improve assembly contiguity and automatically correct errors by scaffolding short and long read sequencing contigs with Bionano maps.


Cancer genomes are complex – In order to assess pathogenic and actionable variants across hematological and solid tumors, it is critical to detect the full spectrum of...



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