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Novelty and convergence in adaptation to whole genome duplication

Molecular Biology and Evolution 2021
Bohutínská M. et al
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INRAe Centre de Toulouse – Unite CNRGV

The French Resources Centre for Plant Genomics (CNRGV) is a national infrastructure belonging to the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, food and Environment (INRAE). Settled in Toulouse (France) in 2004, the CNRGV is both a Biological Resources Centre (BRC) dedicated to all plant genomic resources and a service provider for plant genomics projects.

It aims at providing innovative and efficient genomic tools to better characterize plant biodiversity and understand how plants adapt to their environment through the analysis of their genomes.

Its field of expertise includes the development of HMW DNA extraction protocols dedicated to plants, targeted sequencing of genomic regions of interest and plant genomes analysis based on genome optical mapping combined with genomic sequences (produced in collaboration with sequencing facilities). The CNRGV has also developed bioinformatics expertise to analyse and explore the complex structures of plant genomes.

The CNRGV has implemented the Bionano Genomics optical map platform in 2016 and produced optical maps for more than 120 different plant species.


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