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Praxis Genomics, LLC

CLIA and CAP certified, Praxis Genomics, provides a solution for those who could not get a genetic diagnosis with traditional cytogenetic, microarray and exome sequencing approaches. They provide genetic testing with unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity based on combination of Bionano technology and traditional short read Illumina sequencing of DNA and RNA.

Carrier testing that investigates the entire genome and is not part of currently available panels can be performed for couples with reproductive difficulties and for individuals who want to have a clear understanding of any family predisposition for the development of cancer or neurodegenerative disorders.

Genetic consulting and counseling services are provided to assist our customers in selecting the appropriate test combination and to explain the clinical significance of the results in a clear and concise manner.


From Data to Discovery: Tools to identify the pathogenic structural variant in patients with genetic disease

You have a lot of great genomics data – so, what’s next? In this webinar, we will explore tools and methods to analyze structural variation...

Long-reads assembly of the Brassica napus reference genome, Darmor-bzh

bioRxiv 2020
Rousseau-Gueutin M et al

Pan-Genome of Wild and Cultivated Soybeans

Cell 2020
Liu Y. et al

DLS Master Mix Mixing

Dave Pai


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