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Lp(A) repeat copy number diversity, multiple myeloma and MHC haplotype assembly.

May, 2014
Biology of Genomes, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Restriction mapping in nanofluidic devices.

PNAS (2005); 102, No. 29: 10012-10016 
Riehn, R., et al.

Single-molecule studies of repressor-DNA interactions show long-range interactions.

PNAS (2005); 102, No. 28: 9796-9801 
Wang, Y. M., et al.

Structural variation discovery, MHC haplotype assembly, scaffolding de novo assembly and multiplexing.

February, 2014
Advances in Genome Biology and Technology, Marco Island, FL

The dynamics of genomic-length DNA molecules in 100-nm channels.

PNAS (2004); 101:10979-83 
Tegenfeldt, J.O., et al.

De novo assembly of rice, Arabidopsis, wheat, and spider mite.

January, 2014
Plant and Animal Genome Conference XVII, San Diego, CA

Micro- and nanofluidics for DNA analysis.

Anal Bioanal Chem (2004); 378: 1678-92 
Tegenfeldt, J. O., et al.

Scanning the Controls: Genomics and Nanotechnology.

IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (2002); 1:12 
Austin, R.H., et al.

Cancer structural variation, rearrangements, and pharmcogenomic variants in humans.

November, 2013
Precision Medicine: Personal Genomes & Pharmacogenomics, Cold Spring Harbor, NY


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