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Cancer structural variation, rearrangements, and pharmcogenomic variants in humans.

November, 2013
Precision Medicine: Personal Genomes & Pharmacogenomics, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Fabrication of Gradient Fluidic Structures Interfacing Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.

Applied Physics Letters (2002); 81:3058 
Cao, H., et al.
in the media

“BioNano Genomics Gets $10 Million”

UT San Diego
October, 2013
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“New York Genome Center Officially Launches in Manhattan”

September, 2013
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“Irys Genomics Platform”

2013 Medical Design Excellence Awards
June, 2013

Assembly of variable rearranged regions in human (IGH and KIR), and Tribolium de novo genome scaffolding.

May, 2013
Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future, Santa Fe, NM


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