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Cancer Genomics: Heme Malignancies and
Solid Tumor Research

To get a complete picture of highly rearranged cancer genomes in heterogeneous samples, you need long-range information at high coverage and analysis tools with high sensitivity and specificity. Bionano optical genome mapping (OGM) routinely collects up to 400x coverage of a human genome to uncover large structural variations beyond what short- and long-read sequencing can see, at 5% variant allele fraction.

Unbiased, Genome-wide SV Detection for Complex Cancer Samples

Cancer samples are too complex for low-coverage whole genome sequencing. Complex rearrangements, tumor heterogeneity and unsequenceable repetitive regions of the genome present additional challenges for short- and long-read sequencing technologies.

The Bionano Saphyr® System detects structural variations in an unbiased manner at much higher sensitivities than sequencing-based technologies, and routinely at 5% variant allele fraction.

Our tools and platforms provide unparalleled structural variation detection for cancer research.


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