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  • Golden pompano genome resource enables discovery of valuable gene determining growth traits

Golden pompano genome resource enables discovery of valuable gene determining growth traits

bioRxiv 2021
Luo H. et al

One important goal of fish genetic breeding is to identify valuable loci and genes that can facilitate growth and thereby productivity. Few such loci or genes have been identified in golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus), a species of significant economic value. In this study, we produced a high-quality chromosome-level genome assembly of the golden pompano by de novo sequencing and assemblies for 2 parents and 200 F1 offspring by genome re-sequencing. We exploited these assemblies to identify loci and genes by QTL mapping, Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) genotyping, and haplotype-based regional association analysis based on growth records of a 64 biparental and 147 individuals from a naturally occurring population. At a locus 291kb from BSNP21031, we identified a somatostatin receptor type 1-like (designated as gpsstr1) gene in which the BSNP1369 of the promoter region was highly associated with growth. Loss of sstr1a, the homolog of gpsstr1 in zebrafish, caused growth retardation. Sstr1a mediated growth via sstr2 and Wnt-gsk-3β signaling pathways. Our findings provide new insights into the underlying mechanisms controlling growth. Our strategy can serve as an effective way to uncover novel genomic information and facilitate improvement of fish growth.


Honglin LuoYongde ZhangChangmian JiYongzhen ZhaoJinxia PengYuhui XuXiuli ChenYin HuangQingyun LiuPingping HePengfei FengChunling YangPinyuan WeiHaiyan YuHongkun ZhengYong LinXiaohan Chen


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