Novel and reliable molecular method for FSHD detection

Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy is characterized by a contraction of D4Z4 repeat array on chromosome 4 (chr4). Bionano FSHD EnFocus Analysis enables accurate measurement of D4Z4 array on chr4 in as little as 3 days, starting with blood samples. The workflow starts with ultra-high molecular weight DNA isolation using Bionano Prep SP Blood and Cell Culture DNA Isolation kit. This DNA is labeled with a Direct and Label Stain DNA labeling kit, and then linearized and imaged by Saphyr Whole Genome Imaging Instrument.

Streamlined FSHD analysis

  • Enables accurate measurement of D4Z4 repeat array on chr4
  • Differentiates between permissive 4qA and non-permissive 4qB haplotypes
  • Distinguishes D4Z4 array present on chr4 from partially homologous D4Z4 array present on chr10
  • Provides structural variations as well as copy number variations proximal to D4Z4 array on chr4
  • Presents copy number variations proximal to SMCHD1 gene on chr18, a gene involved in methylation of D4Z4 repeat array
  • Retains whole genome information to perform further research

Quick and simple workflow

  • Enables molecular FSHD detection from blood samples in as little as 3 days
  • Supports processing of up to 45 samples per week

Novel reliable molecular method

  • Highly specific and sensitive in detecting as few as 1 D4Z4 repeat to over 30 repeats
  • 100% concordance to Southern blot for D4Z4 repeat array measurement in cell lines from FSHD positive individuals.


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High resolution view of D4Z4 repeat regions for studying FSHD using Bionano whole genome optical mapping
Characterization of clinically relevant repeats in the human genome

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