Bionano Genomics Saphyr Data Solutions
Bionano Genomics Saphyr Data Solutions

Bionano Access

Automate data analysis: monitor and manage Saphyr remotely

Bionano Access™, your web-based hub for Saphyr operations, provides all the software you need for experiment management and Bionano genome mapping in one place.

  • Set up runs and monitor real-time data quality metrics remotely to flag potential sample quality issues early
  • Automatically start de novo assemblies and structural variation analysis when the desired amount of data has been collected
  • Visualize and manipulate maps and structural variants
  • Analyze trios by filtering through uncommon variants to identify inherited and de novo variants, and export in a dbVar-compliant VCF file
Bionano Genomics Saphyr Data Solutions

Saphyr Compute Server

Enhanced data processing power for high-speed genome mapping

The Saphyr Compute Server offers cluster-like performance in an affordable, compact solution. Capable of performing multiple simultaneous analyses and sustaining continuous throughput, the Saphyr Compute Server allows you to spend less time waiting for data so you can focus on investigating results.

  • Perform de novo assembly of a human genome in approximately 28 hours
  • Simple web-based interface enables integration into virtually any network setup
  • Cloud-based solutions available

Bionano Compute Server

Additional power for Saphyr

The Bionano Compute Server is a stand-alone, secondary compute server that offers the ability to perform automated genome assembly, hybrid scaffolding and structural variant calling in parallel with the Saphyr Compute Server. Additional Bionano Compute Servers can be added for increased processing power.

  • Assemble up to 12 human genomes per week with a dual Bionano Compute Server configuration
Bionano Genomics Saphyr Data Solutions

Bionano Data Solutions Ordering Information

  • Saphyr Compute Server: Catalog # CR-002-01
  • Bionano Compute Server: Catalog # CR-003-01

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