Bionano Genomics Saphyr Chip
Bionano Genomics Saphyr Chip


The Bionano Saphyr Chip® and Irys Chip® utilize hundreds of thousands of massively parallel NanoChannels per flow cell that linearize long DNA molecules allowing Bionano systems to directly image your samples.

Inside the chip’s flow cell, a gradient of micro- and nano-structures, upstream of the chip’s NanoChannels, gently unwinds and guides DNA into the NanoChannels. Saphyr Chip’s NanoChannels allow only a single linearized DNA molecule to travel through while preventing the molecule from tangling or folding back on itself.

By leveraging mature semiconductor manufacturing technology, Bionano delivers robust performance and quality. The breakthrough Saphyr Chip combines with the Bionano Direct Label and Staining (DLS) technology to provide you with the highest sensitivity possible for structural variant detection starting at 500 bp, along with genome maps up to chromosome-arm-length.

Specifications and Ordering Information

Total Output
(human sample/flowcell)
5 Tbp*1300 Gbp*10 Gbp / 50 Gbp
Hardware CompatibilitySaphyr Instrument
(Part #60325)
Saphyr Instrument
(Part #60239)
Irys Instrument
Catalog Number203662031920249
Specification SheetDownload HereDownload HereN/A
FeaturesSaphyr Chip G2.3Saphyr Chip G1.2Irys Chip

Specifications based on Bionano-supplied NA12878 control sample prepared with the Bionano Prep SP kit.
For non-control samples, performance may vary due to a number of factors, including quality of starting material.
*Bionano supplied control sample only

Learn more about our new chip naming here.

To order Bionano Chips contact or contact your salesperson directly.

Please see our Bionano Chips Support page for additional information and downloads for the Saphyr Chip and Irys Chip.


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