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Accurate analysis of structural variants begins with isolating ultra-high molecular weight DNA. Obtaining high-quality UHMW DNA can present a challenge since sample collection, preservation, the DNA isolation process and subsequent handling of isolated DNA can significantly affect its quality.

In this webinar, Dr. Ben Clifford, Sr. Application S...

Cordelier Research Center - Paris
Dr. Eric Letouzé

“Bionano’s optical mapping technology allowed us to characterize complex structural rearrangements in cancer with unprecedented precision. The results are incredibly robust and easy to interpret with Bionano software, and the team was really helpful for data analysis!”
-Dr. Eric Letouzé

Cyclins A2 and E1 regulate the cell...

Bionano Genomics
Dr. Sven Bocklandt

Accumulation of structural variations (SVs) across the genome is a known trigger factor for oncogenesis. Identifying these structural genomic alterations – accurately and comprehensively – is crucial for improving research and ultimately therapies for cancer patients, yet one of primary challenges when solely relied on short read sequencing...