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  • Implementation


Dr. Hoischen reviews his work using Bionano digital cytogenetics applications
Dr. Kanagal-Shamanna shares how Saphyr technology detected novel structural variants and complex rearrangements.
Dr. Brynn Levy shares how Saphyr technology accurately detected clinical variants in leukemia.
Overview of Bionano’s whole genome imaging technology.
Dr. Hastie reviews Bionano Saphyr's genome assembly capabilities at the VGP Genome10k tech talk
Dr. Bocklandt reviews new developments in Bionano optical mapping and novel applications for cancer and genetic disease
Dr. El Khattabi discusses Saphyr's ability to detect balanced and unbalanced structural variants
Dr. Hoischen discusses the assessment of Bionano Saphyr as a replacement for FISH, karyotyping and CNV arrays