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  • white papers

    This white paper explains how Bionano whole genome imaging can make any sequence assembly up to 100 times more contiguous by scaffolding sequence contigs, and more exact by correcting errors. The new two-enzyme hybrid scaffold pipeline introduced here improves both aspects. It creates functional genomes at a low cost, no matter what your sequencing strategy is.

  • case studies

    This Case Study highlights Scientists at the USDA and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory who know that better breeding of maize to feed a growing population will depend on an accurate reference assembly. They tackled the previously intractable crop with a combination of PacBio® Sequencing and BioNano Genomics®genome maps, leading to the first-ever high-quality reference assembly.

  • case studies

    Scientists at Rutgers University, Washington University, and Ibis Biosciences successfully deployed Next-Generation Mapping (NGM) technology from Bionano Genomics to help produce the first complete assembly for a fast-growing aquatic plant with biofuel potential. What emerged is a clear view into a genome undergoing drastic reduction and a tool to elucidate chromosome-scale dynamics.