The following datasets may be imported into Bionano Access for visualization, filtering, and exporting. For instructions on downloading and installing the latest versions of Bionano Access as well as importing data, please refer to the following Bionano Access installation and user guides.
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Name Date Size Dataset
GM08331 (DLS, De Novo Assembly)May 15, 2022Download
GM11428 (DLS, De Novo Assembly)May 15, 2022Download
HCC2218 (DLS, Rare Variant Analysis)May 15, 2022Download
HFX95563 (DLS, EnFocus Fragile X)May 15, 2022Download

Molecules, De Novo Assembly, and Rare Variant Analysis (Bionano Access V1.6)

Name Date Size Dataset
HCC2218 (Molecules)April 1, 20213 GBDownload
HCC2218 (De Novo Assembly)April 1, 20213.5 GBDownload
HCC2218 (Rare Variant Analysis)April 1, 20212.7 GBDownload

Structural Variant and Rare Variant Pipeline (Bionano Access v1.4)

Name Date Size Dataset
NA12878 (DLS, Structural Variant)December 4, 20193.13 GBDownload
SKBR3 (DLS, Structural Variant)December 4, 20199.4 GBDownload
SKBR3 (DLS, Rare Variant Pipeline)December 4, 20194.53 GBDownload

FSHD Training Set (Bionano Access v1.5)

Name Date Size Dataset
GM16348 (DLS, .bnx File) February 27, 20201.09 GBDownload
GM16348 (DLS, FSHD Analysis)December 12, 2019151 MBDownload

Structural Variation Training Datasets (Bionano Access v 1.1)

Name Date Size Dataset
GM09888 (DLS)May 2, 20182.5 GBDownload
GM08331 (DLS)May 2, 20182.5 GBDownload
GM06226 (DLS)May 2, 20182.5 GBDownload
GM11428 (DLS)May 2, 20182.5 GBDownload
GM24143 (DLS)April 18, 20182.6 GBDownload
GM24149 (DLS)April 18, 20182.2 GBDownload
GM24385 (DLS)April 18, 20182.7 GBDownload
NA12878 (BSPQI)August 28, 20172.5 GBDownload
NA12878 (BSSSI)August 28, 20172.0 GBDownload

NA12878 genome was mapped using BSPQI and BSSSI nicking enzymes on the Saphyr system. Nickase genome map assembly, alignments, and structural variation calling was generated using Bionano Solve v3.1 (nickase). Visualization of the assembly report, molecules to maps alignment, and structural variation alignment to hg19 is done using Bionano Access v1.1 (nickase) and v1.2 (DLS).

Hybrid Scaffold Training DataSets (Bionano Access)

Name Date Size Dataset
NA12878 DLE-1 (PACBIO)May 24, 20182.5 GBDownload
NA12878 BSPQI (PACBIO)August 28, 20173.6 GBDownload
NA12878 2-Enzyme BSPQI and BSSSI (PACBIO)August 28, 20172.6 GBDownload

NA12878 genome was hybrid scaffolded using direct labeling enzyme (DLE-1), single nicking enzyme (BSPQI) or two nicking enzyme (BSPQI and BSSSI) genome map assemblies for PacBio input sequence assembly using Bionano Solve v3.1. Visualization of the hybrid scaffold report, alignment of maps to sequence along with conflict resolutions, and alignment of maps to sequence to hybrid scaffold is done using Bionano Access v1.1.