Cytopia is a place where molecular genomics and cytogenomics are streamlined, efficient, and accessible aided by analysis and interpretation tools. Here, you get actionable results with just a few clicks, in just a few days. In Cytopia, you spend more time running samples and get a high-resolution view of your chromosomes that simplifies accurate analysis.

Cytopia isn’t a fantasy. It’s Next-Generation Cytogenomics with Bionano Saphyr®.

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genome structure

In Cytopia: Everyone is dedicated to seeing the truth of genome structure

Optical genome mapping (OGM) mapping provides a direct, high-resolution view of intact, long DNA molecules free from the bias and errors introduced by Next-Generation Sequencing.

In Cytopia: Structural variants have nowhere to hide

Saphyr provides unbiased, genome-wide structural variant detection of all structural variants starting at 500bp, including complex rearrangements, and with sensitivity down to 1% allele fraction.

nowhere to hide

In Cytopia: The path to genomic enlightenment is one smooth workflow

Current cytogenetics methods–FISH, karyotyping, CMA–are outdated, highly manual processes that are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and cannot scale. Saphyr consolidates the data currently generated by three workflows into one single, digital workflow for rapidly detecting and analyzing structural and copy number variants genome-wide and at high throughput.

In Cytopia: Data analysis is done in just a few clicks

Analyze data in minutes, not days. With just a few clicks you can visualize entire genomes with interactive circos plots and perform a comprehensive analysis of your samples.

just a few clicks


Dr. Brynn Levy
Dr. Brynn Levy
Columbia University, presents on the national multicenter evaluation of Saphyr in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, comparing OGM results on 100 AML samples against karyotype, FISH and CMA.
Solid Tumors
Dr. Ravindra Kolhe
Dr. Ravindra Kolhe
Augusta University, describes his progress in developing a laboratory developed test for solid tumor with Saphyr, preliminary results showing 100% concordance between OGM and the current workflow.
Genetic Disease
Dr. Laila El Khattabi
Dr. Laila El Khattabi
University of Paris, presents on her clinical validation study with Saphyr on 85 samples, concluding that Saphyr is 100% concordant with the combination of standard cytogenetic tools.

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