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Detecting broken, missing, rearranged, or extra chromosomes can diagnose disease and define treatment options, but traditional cytogenetic methods have limited resolution and speed. Optical genome mapping (OGM) detects all CNVs, chromosomal aberrations and structural variants and consolidates the traditional cytogenetic assays into one single workflow.

Meet the Saphyr System: Your New Cyto Lab

Optical genome mapping with the Saphyr® System can detect all classes of structural variant at high sensitivities, even those present at low allele fractions in heterogenous cancer samples, in an unbiased genome-wide manner. This modern tool has revolutionized cytogenomics by showing a 100% concordance to traditional methods – array CGH, karyotyping and FISH – in multiple studies. With the Saphyr system, you can easily consolidate 3 assays into 1 to get results in as few as 4 days* with a single streamlined workflow.

*For human samples collected at 100x and analyzed through the de novo assembly pipeline.

Bionano offers a simple, reliable method for assessing chromosomal aberrations at a much higher resolution.


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