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  • The Future of Optical Genome Mapping and Cytogenetics: Alex Hoischen Weighs In

After his two peer-reviewed studies were published last week, Dr. Alexander Hoischen, associate Professor of Genomics at Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands, hopped on the Mendelspod podcast to discuss the two papers’ significance with Theral Timpson.  

In the episode, released on Monday, July 12th, 2021, Alex reviewed the results – the studies show 100% concordance of Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) to traditional cytogenetic techniques across constitutional and hematological malignancy applications. Theral starts the podcast by examining the challenges labs currently face using classical cytogenetics, then dives into the advantages of OGM. He concludes by probing Alex about his thoughts on OGM becoming the standard of care and what new research possibilities could arise. 

Intrigued? Listen to the full episode to hear everything Alex has to say about these two landmark publications and consider what OGM could bring to your lab. 


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