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Bionano’s Sven Bocklandt, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs, gave a talk at ESHG on “New developments in long read optical mapping enable novel applications for cancer and genetic disease,” summarizing recent updates to the Bionano platform and giving an overview of recent publications that use Bionano data for the detection of structural variation in human genomes.

Watch the recording of his presentation above, and make sure not to miss Alex Hoischen from Radboud UMC in Nijmegen comparing Bionano with traditional cytogenetics in leukemias: “Optical mapping enables next generation cytogenetics— applications in medical genetics”. We also recorded Laila El-Khattabi from Hôpital Cochin presentation “Using next generation mapping to detect balanced and unbalanced structural variants in reproductive and developmental diseases”. All of the Bionano presentations at ESHG are discussed here.


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