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Integrity is a trait we often look for in friends and admire in acquaintances. Should our standards for DNA samples be any different? The answer is, no. Perhaps this comparison is a bit of a stretch, but stick with us, we’re getting somewhere!

The Bionano genome mapping platform images extremely long, high-molecular-weight DNA molecules to deliver essential information about the order and orientation of genomic elements that no other technology, including next-generation sequencing, can provide. When preparing samples for analysis by Bionano genome mapping systems, maintaining the integrity of the DNA is critical, as molecules must be 150 kb or larger to be assessed. Creating samples of this size has been a process not for the faint of heart—until now.

With Bionano’s new suite of sample preparation kits and detailed sample preparation protocols, researchers can prepare high-quality plant, animal and human DNA samples, more easily and with less waste than ever before.


The Ideal Sample Preparation Solution for Integrative Studies

Using Bionano genome mapping in conjunction with sequencing-based genomic analysis approaches gives researchers essential information they cannot get from sequencing alone. With Bionano genome mapping researchers can:

  • Identify structural variations missed by other methods
  • Improve assembly quality and contiguity by scaffolding sequencing data with Bionano genome maps

By using Bionano sample preparation kits and protocols to prepare samples for integrative studies, researchers can kill two birds with one stone. They can isolate the high-molecular-weight, long DNA required for Bionano genome mapping, then shear down the DNA as necessary for use with NGS-based applications. Adding data from Bionano systems to sequencing data provides the most complete picture of any genome.


Less Mess, More Value

The idea is simple: the less you mess with the genome, the more value it will deliver and the closer to the truth your data will be. This holds true for both sequencing-based approaches and long-range genome mapping. To maintain the integrity of the DNA, DNA isolation and purification is performed while the cells or nuclei are embedded in agarose. The agarose matrix stabilizes the DNA molecules during the purification process and is digested away at the end. The specific set of reagents offered in Bionano’s sample preparation kits, including one proprietary formula not available anywhere else, have unique components designed to maintain the integrity of DNA as it’s extracted. In addition to reagents, buffers, solutions, etc., Bionano offers ten detailed protocols for preparing various types of samples for analysis. Protocols can be downloaded free of charge from the Bionano support website.


Sample Preparation Kits Offered by Bionano

The following sample prep kits are available for use with Bionano’s Saphyr™ and Irys® platforms, as well as to non-Bionano users for use with other applications. You can learn more about our sample preparation kits at the Bionano support website.


Animal Tissue DNA Isolation Kit

Bionano’s Animal Tissue DNA Isolation Kit provides critical reagents necessary for the isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA from a broad range of animal tissues. This kit also includes separate protocols for “fibrous” tissues such as lung, muscle and colon, and “soft” tissues such as liver, kidney, prostate and brain. Learn more.

Preps Per Kit: 10

Catalog Numbers: RE-013-10, RE-131-10 (bundle)


Blood and Cell Culture DNA Isolation Kit

Bionano’s Blood and Cell Culture DNA Isolation Kit provides critical reagents necessary for the isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA from blood and cultured cells. Learn more.

Preps Per Kit: 10

Catalog Numbers: RE-016-10, RE-130-10 (bundle)


Plant DNA Isolation Kit

Bionano’s Plant DNA Isolation Kit, which includes Bionano’s proprietary density gradient, provides critical reagents necessary for the isolation of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA from plant tissue. This kit includes several protocols for various types of plant tissues. Learn more.

Preps Per Kit: 5

Catalog Number: RE-014-05


DNA Labeling Kit-NLRS

Bionano’s DNA Labeling Kit is used to nick, label, repair and stain (NLRS) double stranded genomic DNA to provide uniquely identifiable genome-specific label patterns that enable de novo map assembly, anchoring sequencing contigs and discovery of large structural variations (>1kbp). Learn more.

Preps Per Kit: 10

Catalog Number: RE-012-10


For more information about Bionano Sample Preparation Kits, or to place an order, call 858.888.7600 or email orders@bionanogenomics.com


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