Direct Label and Stain chemistry is finally here and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! But we couldn’t say it any better than we did on the dedicated DLS page… so hurry over!


We showed off the first data generated with DLS in four posters at the AGBT 2018 conference. You can see the PDFs below:

On general DLS technology and performance:

Labeling Human DNA with Bionano’s Direct Labeling Enzyme Avoids Nickase-Based Double-Stranded Breaks and Allows for Chromosome Arm Length Assemblies


DLS for the detection of large structural variants:

Broad Range Chromosomal Abnormality Detection through Bionano Genome Mapping


DLS for SV detection in cancer:

Efficient Structural Variation Detection and Annotation Using Bionano Genome Mapping


DLS for genome assembly:

Building High Quality, Chromosome-Scale, De Novo Genome Assemblies by Scaffolding Next-Generation Sequencing Assemblies with Bionano Genome Maps