Bionano Genome Mapping Applications

Bionano fills in what’s missing from sequencing-based data with unmatched structural variation discovery and the most complete genome assemblies. Learn why Bionano genome mapping is essential to your area of research.

Icon of a human shows Bionano genome mapping is advancing research on human genetic disease


Unlock new understanding in undiagnosed diseases and human genome discovery with leading sensitivity and specificity for large-scale structural variations from Bionano Saphyr™.

Icon of a cow shows Bionano genome mapping is advancing animal genome research


Identify and resolve structural variants in livestock and build the most complete reference genomes with long-range Bionano genome mapping.

Icon of a plant shows Bionano genome mapping is advancing research in agricultural bioengineering


Advance your agricultural research with only non-sequencing-based scaffolding technologies and 100 times the contiguity of next-generation sequencing-based assemblies.