Go Beyond Base Pairs and Get Results

Like you, we are results driven. Our Saphyr System is purpose-built to deliver ultra-sensitive, ultra-specific structural variation detection to identify the relevant variants that impact your genomes. We show you what sequencing misses, taking you into the structure of the genome to reveal new understanding and deliver results.

Structural Variation Detection

Saphyr delivers ultra-sensitive, ultra-specific detection of variants from 500 base pairs up to megabases in length at unmatched speed and as low as $500 per genome. Call the right variants with Saphyr.

  • Sensitivity for heterozygous insertions/deletions larger than 500 base pairs
  • Sensitivity for balanced and unbalanced translocations larger than 50,000 base pairs
  • Sensitivity for inversions larger than 30,000
    base pairs
  • Sensitivity for copy number variants larger than 500,000 base pairs

Genome Assembly

Bionano Saphyr’s industry-leading genome assembly capabilities allow you to align sequencing data with Bionano genome maps to view genomes with all features and functional relationships in context.

  • Automatically correct
    assembly errors
  • Improve contiguity
    up to 1000x
  • De novo assemble
    chromosome-arm length maps
  • Most published reference
    genomes now use Bionano

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